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One Year...

It's nearly been a year since we started Loose Screws. We're doing a livestream on 8/27/2020 at 8PM CST to celebrate. I've invited back everyone who's been a part of this show since episode 1. We've setup a "One Year" page that will allow everyone to leave a message that I will read on the air during the stream. One Year...

Matariki Tiki-Tour

Join Grover Kiwi and the Loose Screws crew as we embark on the Matariki Tiki-Tour. This expedition will be starting on the 12th of July 2020 and finishes on the 21st of July 2020, the approximate time for the arrival in the skies above New Zealand. 

The Matarki Tiki Tour is designed as a mini expedition with most commanders being able to complete it in one session, although you can take the time to explore a bit more. Matariki is also known as the Pleiades from the ancient Greek astronomers, Makahiki in Hawaii, The Seven Sisters and the Subaru cluster in Japan. In New Zealand it has been reclaimed as a sign of the Māori New Year, and traditionally was used to give insight on the coming year and guide things such as planting and resource gathering.

As well as highlighting the centuries old indigenous knowledge of my ancestors between, it's also a great opportunity for anyone who has wanted to do an expedition to see what it's all about without committing a large amount of time in it. It could also be useful for new commanders who are looking at travelling to unlock their first engineer, or just those who want something different to do one night. 

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Interview with Frontier Community Managers

The crew sat down with Community Managers Stephen Benedetti and Bruce Garrido to discuss Fleet Carriers, balancing changes, and cheese.