Loose Screws
The American Elite Dangerous Podcast

Distant Screws

A Loose Screws Expoloration Expedition

It's happening!! We are on our way to Colonia on the first expedition by the American Elite Dangerous podcast. 

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Recent Episodes

Episode 030 - 5 Billion

Fleet carrier speculations and VR headsets gone wild!!! Also Episode 2 of Elite Week. 

THE Benedetti

Stephen Benedetti emerges from isolation and has a great chat with us.

Episode 028 - Hill Billy Banjo Radio

What is the tarnation is a Loose Screw anyway?

Episode 027 - Screws...Deep n Distant

Distant Screws Expedition sets off. 

The Buur Pit - Donkey Mayhem

The best couple in the galazy Cmdr Rheeney and Cmdr Buur from The Buur Pit were kind enough to join us for a chit chat.

The Buur Pit


We earned the opportunity to chat with the Discord lurker Atrus5060. 

Episode 025 - 252525

For the 25th episode, we did some things different.

Souv the Souvarine

The one and only Souvarine from Parallel Worlds, Sag Eye, and Lave Radio.

Episode 024 - Big Money Loot Box

A big discussion surrounding real world money transactions and how it interacts with gameplay. 

Wotherspoon Interview

We got to chat with Wotherspoon from Galnet News Digest. He has some great stories and is the king of lore in Elite.

Episode 023 - Dubb's Step

Whoa this was a BIG one. Dubbs is our community commander of the month and he lays down the step. Lot of things happened this week and we cover it all in this full size episode.